Sentinels of Liberty


Mission: The Sentinels of Liberty is a state network of like-minded Patriots of varied backgrounds and skill sets who collectively work together to prepare for events (either of a temporary or long-term nature) that threaten the stability and security of the United States of America or the integrity of the State of Texas.

As an independent organization, we will strive to work with other states who wish to adopt our approach as independent but affiliated organizations.

We will prepare ourselves by practicing the skills we have learned and by training to learn new skills.

Our preparedness training will be conducted both in the classroom and in the field and will include any topic that would improve our capabilities to perform in a state of emergency.

We will have the capability in the event of a state of emergency to provide safety and security first to our families, secondly to our local teams, third to our communities, and to other Sentinels.


Vision: To become a state network of trained, dedicated, and highly skilled American Patriots who are willing to uphold the principles of Liberty that the United States of America was founded upon.

Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

Mr. Kelly (B.A., B.A., M.B.A.) has held several different logistics and supply chain positions with increasing spend and personnel responsibilities. Currently he is employed by a Fortune 500 communications equipment manufacturer. He holds an Amateur Extra Radio Class License. He also holds numerous certifications in emergency communications, including SKYWARN, ICS, NIMS, and AUX-COM. He is very active with various local amateur radio clubs. He is a nationally certified firefighter (IFSAC and Pro-Board Seals) and a registered Emergency Medical Technician. He is a veteran volunteer FF/EMT having served three different departments in three states. He is married and father of two. He is an avid indoor and outdoor sportsman.

Oath to the Constitution first administered: September 2000.

Favorite Quote: "Facts are stubborn things." -- John Adams

Favorite Founding Father: Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland.

Personal comments:

  1. In the days to come you must acknowledge God, perform acts of Christian charity and take the next right step.
  2. The only thing that surpasses my oath to the Constitution are my wedding vows.
  3. As a FF/EMT, it is a privilege to help people on what is generally the worst days of their life. You have to make every move count smooth for the victim and the crew.