Sentinels of Liberty


Mission: The Sentinels of Liberty is a state network of like-minded Patriots of varied backgrounds and skill sets who collectively work together to prepare for events (either of a temporary or long-term nature) that threaten the stability and security of the United States of America or the integrity of the State of Texas.

As an independent organization, we will strive to work with other states who wish to adopt our approach as independent but affiliated organizations.

We will prepare ourselves by practicing the skills we have learned and by training to learn new skills.

Our preparedness training will be conducted both in the classroom and in the field and will include any topic that would improve our capabilities to perform in a state of emergency.

We will have the capability in the event of a state of emergency to provide safety and security first to our families, secondly to our local teams, third to our communities, and to other Sentinels.


Vision: To become a state network of trained, dedicated, and highly skilled American Patriots who are willing to uphold the principles of Liberty that the United States of America was founded upon.

What We Do

The Sentinels of Liberty is a "Grass Roots" organization, and as such, all of our activities start at the lowest levels in the local communities where we live and work. Our organization is comprised of regions within the state, with each region made up of multi-county areas.

Teams within the respective areas form a coordinated network of citizens of varied skills and backgrounds who, together, share their talents and provide the support structure needed to keep each member safe and secure in time of crisis. At the region and state levels, we pool our resources to bring high quality training and vital guidance to all of the teams who make up the organization.

Our skills can be any that might be needed and appropriate, with a focus on:

We exist as guardians of America who are willing and able to protect and defend our freedom within the authority we are granted by the Constitution of the United States. We take our Oath of Office seriously as we do our Allegiance to our flag and to our country. We are the Sentinels of Liberty.